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Comments about the proofreading and editing service

Thank you very much for this. I feel you have added value to my article and I am confident it will stand a better chance of being accepted as a result of your help. 
Dr. V.T. Southampton

Thank you Clare you've done an excellent job!!!  I am sure you helped have my paper published.
 I really appreciate that.
C.M. Taiwan

I have been collaborating with SP for over six months and counting with translations for art gallery books here in Poland.
I appreciate your talent for understanding thoughts originally expressed in a different language, and for polishing my translations so they seem to have been written by a native speaker.  Thanks for all the suggestions.
Olga M. Poland

Speedy Proofreader are excellent no doubt, fast and helpful.
Marc from Catalonia studying in Aberystwyth

WOW great, fast work, have the opportunity to the next collaboration.
Z.Y. London/China

Clare was recommended to me by a professional translator and the service was fast and professional.
Magda, Denmark

Speedy Proofreader were spot on with a good price and I would recommend them for business or academic purposes.
Janice Tedaldi, Aberystwyth, UK

Thank you, you definitely helped improve my dissertation.
Jie X. Bangor, UK

Thank you very much for all your help.I never forgot your help.
I'm doing my English writing study thanks to you. 
Also, I ask for your continued support.
O.Y. Leicester, UK

You definitely improved my dissertation.  Will certainly recommend you to my friends.
L.H. Brighton, UK

Thank you for your fast responses and all your help with my thesis.
Z.X. London, UK

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you :)
K.F.  Aberystwyth, UK

Speedy Proofreader do excellent work for me, fast and helpful. thanks for help my English more better. 
C. L. Aberystwyth/China

Thank you for everything my dissertation looks great I will let you know the final result of it when the results are released. I will recommend your services to my family and friends.
P.M. Aberystwyth U.K.

Just for your information, I have a job now and you and your work was a significant part in my success 
so thank you once again
Maks - Aberystwyth/Radom
Thank you very much for doing this in such a short space of time. You managed to pick the small things that would have taken me ages to find and correct which makes your services very much worthwhile.
Dr.V.T - Southampton, UK

 The horse behavior essay, which you edited for me, the results came out. It was 75%.
Many thanks 

 A.A. Aberystwyth

'Speedy Proofreader' provides an excellent service which I am more than 
happy to recommend.
 Within just a few days you get your text back and you immediately notice 
the meticulous attention to detail that has been given to your work. Thanks 
a lot!

H.F. Essex

Thank you very much Clare for such a great service,

my marks were definitely improved.

I highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve

their works especially for those who do not have 

English as their mother tongue. SK. Essex

The edits looks really in depth which I really like.
I shall inform my colleagues of this excellent and affordable work.

A.S. London