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How does it work?

Just contact us - email speedyproofreader@hotmail.co.uk and then send over some of your work.  Up to 500 words (as part of a longer work) are proofread for you as a FREE sample, and sent back to you quickly.  Any changes made will be marked using the 'Track Changes' function on Word.

(If you would just like a letter or statement proofread, then the free sample offer does not apply, but we offer very competitive rates.)

Then, if you like the proofread changes in the sample, and wish to continue, you can pay through the website using PayPal, on the 'Payment' page. Then send over your work to be proofread in an email attachment.
As soon as notification of your payment is received, the proofreading is completed, and sent back you within our agreed time.  Any changes made are marked using 'Track Changes', leaving you in final control of your proofreading.   You can easily remove the 'Track Changes' marks by choosing 'final' from the small drop-down box in the top left-hand corner.